Conscious Buying

We believe in Conscious Buying of clothing. We want to address the growing concern of the murkiness of fast fashion on this planet. Hence, our mission is to clothe the world in sustainable fashion.

Our Story
Commitment to the client and to the Planet

Commitment to the client and to the Planet

We love our planet Earth.

To ensure quality led sustainability we guarantee a responsible product to our clients that have gone through preventing and monitoring measures throughout the process of our in-house production.

We achieve sustainability by quality control throughout the process of design, materials sourcing, manufacturing structure and systems, coloring and printing, and finishing processes.

Safety, health & sustainability

Safety, health & sustainability

We take the responsibility of producing safe fabrics to our valued clients and the planet.

This practice is not limited only to the control of various aspects of fabric manufacturing, but it also reaches each and every one in the supply chain.

Currently, we are in the process of implementing full traceability with complete transparency for each unit of production. We are focusing on proper training and development of the artisans and the internal collaborators of the organization.

We ensure high-quality products and a happy workforce through our quality-led sustainable production methodology.

Creating a long-term sustainable community for the craft

Creating a long-term sustainable community for the craft

Crafts are only as good as their practitioners.

World has seen indigenous crafts from remotest communities which evolved over time. The practice of some of them has flourished while others have disappeared. The artists are moving towards alternative income generation methods as daily wage labours.

We at LuxeLiving are committed to assist the community of artisans to flourish instead of losing its grip. A healthy community can only protect the skills and knowledge of traditional crafts. To ensure a sustainable community that can thrive we create an environment of appreciation by increasing interaction with the consumer and mixing the new age design with old process.